Community Rules and Guidelines

The Rules

Hubba is a safe place to do business and meet like-minded people. We trust our members to participate responsibly in our community and to treat everyone else with respect.


Here’s what we mean by that. Please do not:

  • Do anything unlawful, or prohibited by our Terms
  • Discriminate against anyone for any reason
  • Bully or harass anyone
  • Post or distribute anything obscene, offensive, sexually explicit or pornographic
  • Create a false identity
  • Transmit or upload any material that contains viruses or any other harmful programs
  • Attempt to gain unauthorized access to uploaded Content
  • Promote the illegal use of alcohol, firearms, prescription or illegal drugs or tobacco products and related paraphernalia
  • Send spam

Or anything else that would generally not make you a good community member!



If you are in violation of any of the above, we could do one of several things:

  • Ask you to stop
  • Remove the violating content
  • Temporarily or permanently suspend your account
  • Remove privileges or add restrictions to your account
  • Ban you from the group or from Hubba


If there is anything you believe is violating our community guidelines, please email

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