How do I search for buyers?

Finding people and making connections is the whole point.

 A lot of buyers want to be the one doing the searching. However there are still ways you can find buyers on Hubba:


  1. From the Generate Leads section, using the Find Flares tab you can search directly for Buyer pages.
  2. Using the Keyword filter, you can narrow down the buyer pages you see. You can also do this using the Filter menu on the right side. This will allow you to filter by category.
  3. If you find any brands on Hubba that you think would sell to a similar buyer as you check out their brand page and see which buyers they are connected to. You might just find your next lead there!

To maximize your chances of getting a reply when reaching out to a buyer, make sure you put your best foot forward and that you have all you products uploaded and you brand page complete before reaching out.

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