Hubba Overview

Welcome to Hubba, the community where buyers, brands, and influencers connect to grow their business' and drive commerce. On Hubba, you will be able to connect with buyers that would have been elusive otherwise. By utilizing features like Flares, you can find buyers that are looking for what you make. We want to take the leg work out of getting your products carried in stores. Brands want to sell, buyers want to buy, Hubba makes it easy.


You'll notice above, we have broken Hubba into two parts to make it easier to navigate. In the Industry Hub you can connect with other people in your industry and find out whats going on.


Under the Find Buyers section, you can do exactly that... Find Buyers. Along with that, you can find out what buyers are looking for by searching through Flares.

What is a Flare?

A flare is a notification sent out by a buyer that they are looking for a specific product. Just like a flare shot into the air, you should take notice. If their requirements match your product, you will definitely want to submit your products for their review. This is the best chance to get your products carried by that buyer. Find out more here

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