Hubba Overview

Everyday emerging brands use Hubba to get discovered and carried by buyers.

Brands on Hubba are users who make or own products for resale through retail outlets and distributors. Quite often, brands will also sell their own products on their own websites. This would still be considered a brand.

What can you do on Hubba?

Hubba is broken into 2 sections to make navigating easier.

Industry Hub


From within the “Industry Hub” section you you can connect with other people in your industry and find out all the latest news, best practices and trends that are happening in the industry.

My Feed: Is your home for all your activity within Hubba.

Industry News: Browse news stories curated for your industry.

Groups: Hubba Groups is where community members and hand picked experts talk about things affecting your business. Ask questions, lend your own expertise or just explore.

Knowledge Center: Is our blog. Find out about how others use Hubba, read our industry trend reports or watch our webinars on growing a retail business.


Generate Leads


The Generate Leads section provides two tools for connecting you with relevant buyers in your industry.

My Brands & Products: Create your brand page and add your products so that you are discoverable by the buyers you are interested in.

Find Flares: In the Find Flares section, you are able to find and contact the next buyer to carry your products. Whether you are searching through flares, buyer pages, or contacting influencers to increase your social media visibility, you will find everyone in this section.

Pro Tools: Find who we have matched you up with based on your mutual preferences and manage who you have already messaged and submitted products to.

Pro Analytics: See what your most popular products are and see who has been looking at them. Cut out the leg work of finding buyers who might be interested and message the ones that are already looking at your products.

What is a Flare?

A flare is a notification sent out by a buyer that they are looking for a specific product. Just like a flare shot into the air, you should take notice. If their requirements match your product, you will definitely want to submit your products for their review. This is the best chance to get your products carried by that buyer. Find out more here.

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