How Do I List My Products?


One of the most important features of Hubba is the ability to list your products for Buyers to find. The first action to take on Hubba is going to be listing your product information. Buyers need to be able to see all your product information easily, as if they were looking at a line sheet. Here's how to list your products:


Add your products from any page




  1. Click on “Generate Leads” in the upper right corner.
  2. Click on “My Brands & Products”.
  3. Click “Get Started”.



On the next screen


  1. Enter your brand name in the field provided.
  2. Click “Save your brand name”.


NOTE: If your brand name is taken (usually by someone else at your company), you will be notified.



On your brand page you can add all of your company's information. Here is the article that covers editing your Brand Page.

Once you have saved your brand page:

Click Add Product.

All product information on the first tab is required:


    1. Add your product name.
    2. Select your brand name.
    3. Add a product description.
    4. Choose the category your products fall under.
    5. Add at least one product image. Note: You can rearrange images later if needed.
    6. Click “Add Features” to go to the next step.

Add Features:

To make sure your product appears when a buyer searches for it select all the features that apply to your products.


  1. Add any additional features in the product features search bar.
  2. Check off any features that apply to your product.
  3. Click “Add Pricing” to go to the next step.



  1. Add the MSRP for your product in US Dollars (USD).
  2. Add Wholesale Pricing in USD.
  3. You can add multiple tiers for bulk price breaks.
  4. The unit price for wholesale price can go to three decimal places.
  5. Click either “Add Details” to go to the next step.



  1. Add your product's UPC. (If you don't have one yet, that is ok).
  2. Select the country of origin (where the product is manufactured).
  3. Add any video links about your product.
  4. Add any additional information.
  5. Click “Save and publish”.

CONGRATULATIONS! Your product is now live on Hubba. If you run into any troubles with this, please feel free to contact Customer Support using the Help button in the bottom left corner.

Give it a shot

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