How Do I Find Buyers?

The best part of Hubba for brands is the ability to search for and connect directly with buyers that would be a good fit for your brand.

To find buyers on Hubba, all you have to do is search!

Searching Buyers:


  • Make sure that Buyer is what is selected in the filter menu on the left.
  • Search keywords of your product or of the buyers you want to find in the filter search.
  • Select a buyer to find out more information.


Once you're on the Buyer page...


  • You can find more information on the buyer.
  • You can Connect with and message a buyer to find out more information and start a conversation.
  • You can see any Flares they are currently running and submit your products if you are a fit.
  • You can submit your products for their review if they are a fit and they are not currently running a Flare for that product.

Go find your next buyer!

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