How do I find Buyers?

The best part of Hubba for brands is the ability to search for and connect directly with buyers from the stores in which you are interested.


From the Find Buyers section in the main navigation bar, you will be shown this secondary navigation bar. You can select either Find Buyers or Search Flares. This article will cover both of these sections so that you can get started making those connections.

When you click on Find Buyers you are taken to this page:


  1. Make sure that Buyer is what is selected in the filter menu on the left.
  2. Search keywords of your product or of the buyers you want to find in the filter search.
  3. Select a buyer to find out more information.

On the Buyer page:


  1. You can find more information on the buyer.
  2. You can Connect with and message a buyer to find out more information and start a conversation.
  3. You can see any Flares they are currently running and submit your products if you are a fit.
  4. You can submit your products for their review if they are a fit and they are not currently running a Flare for that product.

Search Flares:


A Flare is a notification sent out by a Buyer for Brands to submit products. A Buyer will add details regarding the features of the products they are looking for. If your products match those features, you want to submit your products to the Flare as it is the best opportunity to have your products carried by a buyer.


  1. Make sure you have selected Flares from the filter menu.
  2. You can Filter by Industry just below that.
  3. You can Filer by keywords in the Filter search in the upper right.
  4. Click Submit Products on any Flares that fit your products.

Once Submitted for the Buyers review, you are done. Now it's time to find the next Flare to submit your products. Give it a shot.













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