How Do I Edit My Brand Page?

Your brand page is used to tell the story of your product(s) and company. Include details about your company to stand out and grab buyers’ attention.

If you do not have a brand page, here is how you can get one started:

  • Click Generate Leads then My Brands & Products; OR
  • Select My Brands from the dropdown menu under your picture in the upper right corner.
  • Select Get Started from the Add a Brand section.


Now that you have created your brand page, hover over any section to find the Edit button and make changes to that section.


Click the Edit button to start personalizing your brand page.


  1. Add your logo.
  2. Add a catchy and brief description of your company. This will be used to describe your brand across Hubba.
  3. Click Save.

In the Story section:


  1. Add your brand story. Include more detailed messaging about how you started, why, and what make you unique. 600-900 characters is best.
  2. Add a video about your business using a YouTube or Vimeo link

In the Products section, add your product line.


In the Wholesale Details section:


  1. Hover over Business Details and click Edit.
  2. Fill in the information required in the modal that appears.
  3. Repeat steps 1-2 for Wholesale Checklist, Distribution, and Social media.

Your Wholesale Details page will look something like this:



NOTE: Only the person who set up the brand and added the products will be able to make changes to the brand page and products.

If you get stuck mid way through creating a product and need to take a break, you can save it in drafts. Don’t worry, your drafts can’t be seen publicly. Remember to return and finish your drafts so that buyers can find them when searching.


In the Settings section you can add a custom URL so you can easily send your brand link to buyers outside of Hubba. You can also delete your brand page from here.


To change the URL:

  1. Click on your URL under Change your brand URL.
  2. Make any changes you would like to the URL - we suggest using your brand name
    (special Characters such as $, %, & ,and others are not permitted).
  3. Click the Save button that appears.

Now that your brand page is BEAUTIFUL, list your products. If you have already listed your products, start pitching your brand to buyers!

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