How do I find products?

Hubba makes product discovery easy.

From your Source Products section, click on Find Brands & Products. Use the filter on the upper right of the page to find the right best products.


Easy Steps:

  1. Click on Source Products.
  2. Click Find Brands & Products.
  3. Filter your results using the Filter search
  4. Click on a product to find out more information.
  5. Message the brand owner to place an order.

Creating a Flare


What is a Flare:

A flare is a notification sent out by you, a buyer, that you are looking for a specific product. Just like a flare shot into the air, brands take notice. If their products match your requirements, they jump at the chance to have their products reviewed by you.

Be as specific as possible and separate different flares for different products to avoid too many submissions.

Creating a Flare:

From the Create a Flare page:

  1. Add the name of your company
  2. Add the title of your flare
  3. Add the product details (the more specific, the better)
  4. Add the category for your products
  5. Add a deadline to create urgency
  6. Pro Tip: Adding more detail to the description limits over-submission. The broader you are in your description, the more likely you are to end up with products that are not what you are looking for. If you are looking for multiple products, make multiple flares.

The final product:


This is what your flare looks like on your page. Take note of the specifics and category. The more specific you are, the more likely you are to find what you want.

Reviewing Submissions


Once a brand has submitted their products to your buyer page or to a flare that you launched you are able to review them on your Review Submissions page. All that is left is to get details and place an order.

You can sort all the submissions by:

  • The flares that you create
  • The status of the submission
  • By product features and categories

You can also:

  • Click on the product card to find more information
  • Click on the brand logo to see other products from that brand
  • Click interested to order products or to get more information.

When you click interested:


Let the brand owner know what it is you are interested in and set up a call and place an order.


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