How do I find influencers?

How do I find influencers?

You can use influencers to run marketing campaigns and reach a wider audience. You can also have them add you to one of their Hubba lists which buyers check out to find new brands to work with. Either way influencers are a great marketing channel you should consider for your business to help you reach a wider audience.
Some influencers will work for samples, others will have rates to work with them. It all depends on experience, size of their follower base and previous results they have produced on a campaign. Here is how to find them:


  1. From the Generate Leads section, Click the Find Flares tab and the Users Tab.
  2. Use the Filter section to narrow your search to the category you are looking for and user type. Use the Keyword filter to narrow your search further.
  3. If you find any brands on Hubba that you think target a same audience as you check out their brand page and see which influencers they are connected to.


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