How do I use Pro Tools?

Pro Tools is your Brand Dashboard to success. You can see and act on exactly what is needed to make connections and grow your business.


The left column: Step 1

Smart Match

Our machine learning algorithm matches you with buyers who, based on what preferences you have selected, should be close to a match. The more information you provide and the more times to click Submit or Not a fit, the more accurate it will become.

The right column: Step 2

Active leads

This is the home base to find buyers who have messaged you. You can see how long it has been since they messaged as well as track whether you won the deal or not. Make sure to let us know as it will help find you better suggestions for the other side and we may look to you for a success story. Keep us posted.

Your recent activity

This is an ongoing list of who you have messaged and submitted products to on Hubba. If you think you may have submitted to a flare, you can find out here. Check through this list every 2 weeks to follow up with buyers you have submitted products to but have not heard back from and send them a message.

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