Get the most out of Hubba for your brand

Hubba is a fantastic place for brands, retailers and influencers to connect, share product information and work together.


Starting a business and finding a job are rather similar when you look at them. When looking for a job, you set up your resume, find the places you might want to work send off your resume and hope to hear back. Then you repeat the process until you land that job.

As an entrepreneur, the process is similar. You develop and package your product, post it on Hubba and start looking for retailers and influencers you want to work with. The you repeat the process until you sign that deal.

It is recommended, to grow your business network and increase you chances of finding that retailer or influencer, that you are on Hubba at least weekly to make connections, answer messages and see who liked your products or added them to a list. Send someone a message and open up a conversation.

Get back in there Champ!

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