What does it cost to use Hubba?

As a buyer or influencer there is no cost to use Hubba or setting up your profile.

As a brand there are 3 ways to use Hubba:


  • Free brand profile visible to buyers, influencers and other brands
  • Full access to search
  • Daily industry news and stories curated for your industry
  • Ability to connect with buyers, influencers and other brands to send messages and share your information


  • Everything in free
  • Premium brand profile including unique brand headline, specific brand qualities, lifestyle image headline, embedded videos, and more
  • Detailed analytics and insights to know who looked at your profile, which of your products is getting the most views, and more
  • Complete access to HubbaU – expert learning videos on how to build your brand including information on dropshipping, upc codes, how to pitch your brand, and dozens more.

ACCELERATE — Work 1:1 with an industry brand consultant to make sure that when the right retailers or influencers see your Hubba profile, they want your product. Includes:

    • Everything in Professional
    • Hassle-free setup
    • Confidence in your profile quality
    • Hands-on training includes 1 free month of Hubba Professional!

Will I be charged down the line?

You will only be charged for paid products that you register for. We do not take a commission from any deals created on Hubba. We are out to have you succeed and we want to celebrate it; when you win, we win.

What about commission or affiliate fees?

Great news! There aren't any. Like a trade show, your deals are yours! Our focus is bringing brands, buyers, and influencers together. We want you to make as many connections and deals as possible.
Hubba makes money when Hubba members decide to use our consulting services (Accelerate) or sign up for Professional accounts.

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