What is Hubba for Influencers?

Hey you, want to influence an entire industry? There’s a whole network of brands and retailers eager to work with you.

Build your personal brand on your own terms

Pave your own path to the top of your industry. With Hubba’s growing network of over 20,000+ brands looking to find influencers, our platform enables you to create and maintain relationships.

See a brand you love?

Hubba makes it easy to lend your expertise and build your following. Put yourself out there!

While you’re busy working on your partnerships, the network is working for you. Brands and retailers are actively looking for influencers to help build their brand.

Product reviews, brand ambassadors, social campaigns, product giveaways – Hubba makes the connection and leaves it to you to decide how you want to work together.

The biggest benefit

Connect and work with brands and retailers to do marketing campaigns. Drive your business by driving their business. Make the retail world a better place. Get discovered and connect now!

Connect with brands (don't forget to select your industry) and retailers.


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