Have less than 5 SKU's?

You should start here if you only have a few products, you don't have a spreadsheet of your products or you just want to try one product first! 

Start by heading to your "My Products" page by clicking the t-shirt icon at the top of the page:

Then click on the plus sign to create a new product.

  1. Add a picture
  2. Name your product
  3. Add your brands name
  4. Add a description (have some fun with this, be detailed, this is where customers get to know your products. Have it catch their eye.)
  5. Choose an industry, sub-category and sub-sub-category. The more specific you are the more focused we can get when sending products in our curated lists to you and to people wanting to see you.
  6. Add #hashtags. Break down your products into more searchable chunks.
    (PROTIP: Single words are better, long phrases don't get searched.
    ie #tennis #ball vs #tennis ball. Think of the things that set you apart #space-aged
  7. Make your product public by clicking the "eye" icon in the lower left, click apply and save your work!


It's that easy. If you are too busy, LET US DO IT FOR YOU.

If you have a lot of products, Check this out

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