Understanding how Image Matching works

Image matching is the way to make importing your products and pictures QUICK AND EASY!

The easiest way to make sure your pictures match your products is one of two ways:

  1. You can name your image files the same as their UPC or any unique column in your spreadsheet so that the image file name appears as 123456789101112.jpg/png, or redtoy, for example. To import multiple photos for one product, add a separator (such as a hyphen - ) and an identifier (such as a number or word). For example: redtoy, redtoy-2, redtoy-3.
  2. Edit out the .jpg or .png in the spreadsheet, as it is the file extension rather than part of the file name
  3. The other is to insert a column into your spreadsheet called "Picture Name" and then make sure that the name of the picture you want is in the correct cell in the column

PROTIP: The tool cannot convert HTML or other code. You can, however, edit MOST HTML by selecting the column and using "find and replace" find will be <*> and replace will be blank.

Our import tool will match the name of the picture with the product on the same line of the spreadsheet. If there is an error, there is a section of the tool that allows you to correct any misplaced images.


Lets load those images!

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