What is Hubba for Brands?

Hubba is where brands get discovered by retailers and influencers, and share product information with their team and existing partners

Get in front of industry buyers and influncers

With a network of thousands of wholesale buyers and industry influencers, much like an online tradeshow, Hubba gives you the opportunity to get your brand in front of the industry professionals that can help you make new sales, launch new marketing campaigns and move your business forward.

Manage all of your product content in one place

You can use Hubba to manage all of your product content in one place and do great things with it. When you put your products on Hubba you will ll have a single source to share and update your product information with anyone you work with. You can share it with your internal teams, your existing retail partners and anyone who needs up to date and accurate product details.

What is the biggest benefit for a brand to get on Hubba?

Hubba gives you the tools to maximize your brand exposure and opens the door for retailers and influencers to discover what makes you special.

Your products are great! Why are you making it so hard for people to find them?

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How much does it cost?

Let's get started, How do I load my products?


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