How do I approach people?

The value is in the connections. That's how you extend your reach and grow your business.

You can send a connection request or message to any user on Hubba from their profile using the “connect” or “message” buttons. Connecting with someone isn’t a huge commitment nor does it mean that you HAVE to do business with this person. However, if you are potentially interested in working with someone, then sending a connection request is the first step. Also, the more people you have in your network, the more opportunities you have for exposure on Hubba.

A typical first message does not have to be anything fancy either you can simply introduce yourself/your company, mention something that caught your eye about the other person/company and ending your message with a clear question they can follow up with.

#Protip: Before you go connection crazy make sure you have made your profiles beautiful!

  1. Brands: All of your products are loaded with complete info.
  2. Brands: Your brand profile is complete (including brand story, location, social media and logo)
  3. Everyone: Personal profile is complete (including picture of yourself, website and social media)

Everyone on Hubba is a busy person running their business. Complete work on profiles with detailed descriptions saves time and brings a professional polish that is not only eye-catching but also, lets everyone know you mean business!

Once you are connected make sure to reach out and introduce yourself!

Everyone is on Hubba to meet new people they could be working with so make sure to message those you connect with and follow up on any leads you develop.

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