How Will Buyers Find Me?

If you are a brand looking to get found, there are a two main ways that can happen on Hubba. The first is through Search, and the second is through Recommendations. To get discovered by buyers with either method, it's imperative that you complete your brand page and list your products with as much detail as possible. Here's why: 


  • Companies that have completed their brand profile and product listings on Hubba will be indexed into our database. Whenever any one of the thousands of buyers that are on the site come through to search for products, the most complete ones show up higher in search results.
  • We have thousands of brands and millions of products on Hubba. For us to recommend the right ones to buyers, our system relies on the details you input into your brand page and products. The more information you include in your brand page and products, the more information we have to base those recommendations off of, and thus the more accurate they'll be and the more likely you'll be recommended.
  • If you want to optimize your searchability and be recommended more on Hubba, there are a few things you can do:
    • Pricing: Make sure you include pricing when completing your products. Buyers need to know both MSRP as well as wholesale pricing to know if a product will be a good fit for their store.
    • Wholesale Details: Buyers need to know more about your business and how you operate before they can decide to go into business with you. The more they understand about you, the more likely they are to message you.
    • Product Features: There are millions of products on Hubba, so an easy way for us to recommend the right ones to buyers is by using their features. That's why if you have any important ones, make sure you include them. Are you certified organic? Made in the USA? Tell us!
    • Order Checklist: Completing this checklist gives us the final details necessary to recommend you to buyers. Once you finish it, we know that you're ready for business! 



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