How will people find me?

If you are a brand looking to get found there is a couple of ways that can happen on Hubba:


  • Once you complete your brand and product pages up on Hubba you will be indexed into our database and whenever any one of the thousands of buyers that are on the site everyday come through to search for products similar to yours you will pop up as an option for them.
  • If you want to optimize your searchability on Hubba, and make sure you are popping up when a relevant buyer searches for someone like you, there is a few things you can do.
    • Our search algorithm prioritizes brands with complete product, brand, and profile pages. Go here to learn how to optimize them.
    • The number of connections and followers your brand has on Hubba is also taken into consideration. The easiest way to help boost those numbers is to invite your own team and retail partners to come follow you on Hubba. Invite your team from your connections page.

Getting featured

  • Our community managers are always on the lookout for new and interesting brands that join Hubba to feature them to the community. Whether its on the homepage or for any any one of the excitement marketing campaigns we have running we are always finding fun ways to showcase brands to buyers and influencer in the community. To maximize your chances of getting featured you can:
    • Make sure your product, brand and profile pages are fully up to date. Go here to learn more.
    • Make sure you turn on your email subscription preferences for “Customer Success” to make sure you hear from your community manager when an opportunity comes up. You can do that in your settings.
    • Find out who your community manager is from your settings page, reach out to introduce yourself!

Be proactive!

  • If you are ready to really take charge of your networking and find partners to work with you right now you can start browsing the community to find potential partners and get a conversation started. A couple of ways you can do that is:
    • Check out who we have featured in your industry on the homepage. We always have new brands, buyers, and influencer being showcased so make sure to see if anyone looks like a good fit and make sure to reach out to introduce yourself.
    • Use our in-depth search tool to search keywords relevant to your niche and filter for what you are looking for using the filter menu.

#ProTip: When looking at results through the ‘people’ filter anyone with a yellow shopping cart is a buyer and anyone with a purple star is influencer.

These are all different ways to help you get more connected on Hubba but ultimately the magic is in the details. Eye-catching photos, detailed product descriptions, and a personal and interesting story will always get noticed the most by Hubba.

Hubba members thrive on the connections they make. After all, that is why we are all here; to discover, get discovered and make the world of retail a better place.

Start making connections

How much time will I have to dedicate to this each week?

The more time you spend on the platform, the more you will get out of it. We recommend checking messages and notifications daily, but a few times a week check-ins will ensure you aren’t missing out on any potential leads.

How do buyers get in touch with the brands?

Buyers can message any brand on Hubba from any product page, brand page, or personal profile.

It never hurts to have a premium account

You can also choose to Accelerate your profile or sign up for a Professional account to get a profile that stands out among the competition, show up higher in search results, get early access to new buyers and turbo charge your networking!

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