What is Hubba?

Hubba is an online network to help upcoming brands connect with retailers and influencers in their industry. Like an online trade-show our goal is to connect industry professionals together to help retailers discover brands they love to carry and brands find influencers they are excited to work with. With 30,000+ brands, 5,000+ retailers and 2,000+ influencers we are the largest online B2B networking platform out there and growing fast. Its 100% free to set up your profile and start connecting with industry professionals on Hubba, looking forward to having you join our community!

Check out some of our Hubba success stories:

  1. How Kleynimals finds retailers
  2. This Beauty Retailer Stocks All-Natural Brands Handpicked from Hubba
  3. Baby Brand Makes Sales Across the Country Through Retailer and Influencer Connections
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