You have TWO profiles... Which one matters?

When you do business, you never interact with a business; You interact with a person.

It is the personal connections that one makes that drives customers to you and keeps them coming back.

Personal Profile:

When you sign up for Hubba everyone gets a personal profile. This is where you get to give a face to your business. Your personal profile looks like this:


This is where you share about yourself and what you like.

Once you import your products (as a brand) you will be given a brand profile.

Brand Profile:

Your brand profile looks like this:

This is where you tell us all about your brand, who you are, why you exist and everything in between! The key components of a GREAT brand page are:

  1. Your logo
  2. Your info (Location, website, social media)
  3. Your brand story (have some fun and make it stand out!)


To edit this, click the pencil in the top left.

Don't forget to click the checkmark to save your work.

Once this is complete, it's time to start connecting with brands, retailers, and influencers!

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