What are Attribute Titles and Attribute Values?

Hubba is creating the WORLDS LARGEST product information database. How can we do that without ALL the information?

Attribute Title:

An attribute title is an aspect of your product that consumers and retailers might want to know about, such as colours, UPC/SKU, BPA free, Case volume or pallet volume.

Attribute Value:

An attribute value is the resulting value of the attribute title. If the attribute title is "colour" the "value may be "blue, green, red and cyan" This allows you to show variables in an easy to use format.


Why does this matter and how does this affect me? (Why should I do this?)

Retailers use attributes of products to narrow down their search so that they get the most appropriate products showing up in their searches. In a recent video by @RetailPhil, Phil explains the funnel process that retailers use to find what they are looking for, Click here to sign up for HubbaU.

Imagine you're a retailer searching for the newest lunch bag:

if you google "lunch bag" over 9 million responses.

Now if we start to narrow down attributes regarding the product you start to find more and more what you want to see.

Attribute Value Return
Size 12.5" 580,000
BPA Free Yes 25,500
Colour Purple 49,200
Country of Origin USA 35,200


As you can see, adding in attributes will take a massive search of over 9 million to down as low as 25500 or even lower with the right attributes. This significantly increases your chance of being found and of retailers to pick up your products in stores.

Show them what they want to see!

  1. Click the product you which to add the attribute and value for
  2. Scroll down to "Information"
  3. Enter the attribute title and value you wish to add, in the corresponding boxes
  4. Don't forget to publish!

Click here to get started!

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