Build a list of products

Build an interesting list to highlight awesome products! 

  1. On a product you love, click "Add to list"
  2. If it is the first item on the list, give your list a title - the more creative the better
  3. If it is not the first item, select the list that you would like to add it to
  4. close the list window
  5. Find more products you love! Try it out!


If you want to add one of your own products to your list...

  1. Click on My Products
  2. Click the product you'd like to add
  3. Click "Change share settings"
  4. Copy the link and open in new a new window
  5. Scroll down to click "Add to list" :)

Give it a shot

When you are done making a list,

try sharing it with the world!


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