Connect with Influencers

Hubba is all about making connections. Go ahead, give it a try!

  1. Start from the Home page
  2. Select the industry you want to look at
  3. Select influencers
  4. Start reviewing the people you can connect with
  5. Find one you like? click connect and send them a message


It's really that easy. The message is important, it gives context to why you are connecting, there is some room for flattery and you can make a request. Maybe it's not all going to happen from one message but it starts with getting your foot in the door and asking for a bit of their time.

PROTIP: Some influencers have set rates, some will barter, most times there is a negotiation of terms. Be open to a conversation and create some magic, it never hurts to ask!

Connect with an influencer!

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