Make the most of your Professional Brand page.

Pro is the way to go!

When you click on "View all images" you will jump from the brand page to the lifestyle images section. Here you have a special section for lifestyle images of your product.

Why is this important? (learn more on HubbaU)

  • Lifestyle photos demonstrate your product in action and allow the viewer to identify themselves in your demographic
  • These images have more variety compared with a product on a white background
  • There is a sense of action in the photos which generates more action like sending a connection request or liking the product

Your headline gets your noticed

If you only had one sentence to pitch your company and have a retailer pick up your product in their store, what would you say?

This is likely one of the hardest questions for a brand to answer. What is important to include? What should I leave out? What does a retailer want to hear about? Most importantly, how can you avoid using a bunch of buzz words that don't capture the essence of what your product really is?

As a Professional Member, you have access to HubbaU and @RetailPhil covers this in detail.

Brand details, doing business and distribution:

  • The reason this is important is for SEO (search engine optimization)
  • With more details and characteristics that retailers would search for, there is a higher likelihood of showing up in searches from retailers on Hubba

Check out what @RetailPhil says on how to get noticed on HubbaU

Last but not least, Twitter and videos embedded into your brand page

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth much more.

  • Videos bring a punch of action while Twitter brings an active view of your social media over to your Hubba page

If you take care of all of these, your brand page should be among the best.

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