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HubbaU is your place to get everything you can from @RetailPhil. @RetailPhil brings over 20 years of retail experience to the table to make you awesome.

With these quick videos, you can get started growing your business and changing the lives you want to change with your products. @RetailPhil covers a wide variety of topics and is always adding content. 

Topics Include:



  • Taking Great Product Profile Images
  • How to Take Great Lifestyle Product Images
  • How to Take great Photos
  • How to write a Brand Description
  • How to Write an Elevator Pitch
  • How Retailers Search for Products
  • Why Email Marketing is still #1


  • Brokers
  • What is a Distributor
  • What do you need for a Proper Sell Sheet
  • What is a Marketplace?


  • UPC Codes
  • What does Drop-Shipping Mean?
  • How do you Drop-Ship?
  • The Mechanics of Dropshipping

Social Media:

  • What Social Media Channel is Right for you
  • Social Media Channels and what they're used for


  • Finance
  • Retail Price (how to set)
  • Cost of Goods

Talent Management:

  • Hiring Seasonal or Temporary Workers

New topics and videos are added regularly. Go check it out

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