How to Pitch Your Brand to Buyers

Buyers are able to find you via our recommendation or through search - but that doesn't mean you can't get proactive! Hubba helps you find Buyers and pitch your products directly to them in just seconds.

A Brand Pitch looks like a simplified Brand Page that includes pertinent information such as your Brand name, a short introductory message (or "pitch") from you to the Buyer, and up to four of your products for them to review. This should provide Buyers with enough information to learn more about you and decide if your products are a right fit for their store.

In this article, we'll walk you through how to:

  1. Create and submit a Brand Pitch.
  2. Review your Brand Pitches.


Create and submit a Brand Pitch

Once you've found a Buyer that you think will love your products, it's time to pitch to them!


  1. Hit the "Pitch to Buyer" button on a Buyer Card or under the Buyer's profile picture at the top left of their profile page.
  2. Your pitch is pre-populated using the information and images on your Brand Page but you can customize the Brand summary (headline), featured image, and products to suit the Buyer's needs.
  3. Add a personalized message letting the Buyer know why you think your Brand and products would be perfect for their store and their customers. 
  4. Once finished, select "Pitch Your Brand".

Tip: This is also a great opportunity to show them proof of success - if you can share the number of stores your product is currently sold in, any awards you've won, or certifications you have.




How to review your Brand Pitches 

To review your submitted pitches, or see their status, go back to your homepage (by clicking the Hubba logo), scroll down, and toggle your matches to filter them from "To Pitch" to "Pitched".

Tip: If a Buyer rejects your Brand Pitch, you'll be unable to pitch to them again.



Now all that's left to do is wait for the Buyer(s) to get back to you. Oh, and keep pitching! 


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