How to Become a Verified Brand?

A key part of growing your wholesale business on Hubba is the ability to accept orders from Buyers. To do so, you must first become a verified Brand.

In this article, we'll walk you through how to:

  1. Find your Order Checklist.
  2. Fill out your Order Checklist.
  3. Make your products orderable.


Find your Order Checklist

To become a verified Brand on Hubba, you'll have to complete your Order Checklist. This can be accessed by clicking "Order Checklist" to the right on the navigation bar on your Brand Page. Once there, you're ready to get started!


Fill out your Order Checklist: Business Details

Filling out your Order Checklist is key to becoming verified. It ensures we (and Buyers) have all the information we need and allows the ordering process to run as smoothly as possible for all parties involved. Anything with an "incomplete" or "missing info" status needs to be filled out.

First, you'll need to provide your business details. Simply click the "Add" button to add:

  1. Your corporation name.
  2. Your company website (if you have one).
  3. Your type of business.
  4. Your annual revenue range.
  5. The number of retailers who currently stock your products.
  6. Where your products ship from.
  7. The date your business was founded.
  8. Your minimum order size (in USD).



Next, we need distribution information: 

  1. Click the "Add" button.


  2. Add in your country of distribution (please keep in mind, ordering is only currently available to Brands and Buyers in the US).



Fill out your Order Checklist: Wholesale Policies

Next, we need to know your wholesale policies. These are separated into three parts: 

  1. Returns
  2. Shipping
  3. General Wholesale

When filling out Returns policies:

  1. Tick off the first box if you accept returns from Buyers.
  2. If you do accept returns, add in how many days a Buyer has before returning an item.
  3. Select whether you, the Seller, or the Buyer will be responsible for return shipping.
  4. Add in what percentage your re-stocking fee will be (if any).
  5. If you have any additional policies around returns, add it in the comment box.


When filling out Shipping policies:

  1. Add in how many days the Buyer has to wait before you ship out an order (with a maximum of 14 days).
  2. Select the courier with which you ship with (USPS, UPS, DHL or FedEx).
  3. If you have any additional policies around shipping, add it in the additional comment box. 


When filling out General Wholesale policies, we recommend you check off both items within this form.

  1. The first item states that Buyers may not "resell [your] product for less than the MSRP listed on Hubba". 
  2. The second item states that Buyers may not "list [your] products for sale on any third-party sites or resellers".
  3. If you have any additional wholesale policies, add it in the additional comment box.




Fill out your Order Checklist: Hubba's Terms and Conditions

Before you're ready to accept orders on Hubba, it's extremely important that you read and accept our terms and conditions. If you'd like a quick overview of what they cover, you can read it here.


Fill out your Order Checklist: Banking Information

Of course, we need a valid US bank account so that you can get paid!

Click the "Add" button, select your location (must be US to be eligible for orders) and fill out the form with:

  1. Your ABA/RTN number.
  2. Your account number.
  3. The address associated with your account.
  4. Your phone number.
  5. Your first and last name.
  6. Your date of birth.
  7. Your tax ID.
  8. The last four digits of your SIN number.


All payment processing and banking information is held, managed, and processed by Stripe, not Hubba. Once your banking information has been verified, you'll be good to go! You can check back on the status of this at any time by referring back to your Order Checklist; It will say "Complete" and have a green checkmark next to your banking information.


Make your products orderable

Once you've listed your products and added all the necessary details, all that's left to do is to change the toggle to "For Sale" in your Orders Checklist. If they're missing information (such as shipping price), the toggle will be unclickable and say "Missing Info".


Please note, you can update any product information, including pricing, anytime but it will only affect new orders.

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