How Can I Order Products on Hubba?

First thing's first: to qualify to order products on Hubba, you must first become verified.

To qualify to become verified you must:

  1. Be based in the US 
  2. Have an inventory-carrying, brick and mortar or eCommerce store (unfortunately, no resellers, third-party sellers, or dropshippers are authorized to buy products on Hubba at the moment).

If that's you, then you should fill out a verification application. Once you've been verified. All it takes to order a product is adding it to your cart. Keep in mind, each Brand has their own terms of purchase (i.e. return policy, shipping policy, etc.) - if you plan to purchase from a Brand, you must adhere to these terms. 

Once you're ready to checkout with a Brand, you'll be asked for:

  1. Your shipping address.
  2. A valid credit card number.
  3. Your billing address.

You'll also have the option to "Pay on shipment" or "Request Net-30". Keep in mind, the Brand is able to reject your order if they do not agree with your payment terms.

Finally, you'll be asked to review all of the details of your order before confirming and clicking "Place Order" to complete the order. You must accept Hubba's Terms and Conditions before you can place an order, so be sure to read them and tick off that box.

Once your order is submitted to the Brand:

  1. They have seven days to accept or reject the order.
  2. Once accepted, they have 14 days to submit valid tracking information and fulfill the order.
  3. Your credit card will be charged based on the payment terms you chose upon purchase.

You must mark the order as received once it's arrived (provided all looks good, of course!) to complete the transaction.


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