Reviewing Your Brand Pitches

We know the job of sourcing products can be time-consuming. One of the ways we help save you time is by allowing Brands to pitch their products to you.
Brands can find you via our recommendations or through search. If they feel that you're a match, they'll send you a pitch. A Brand Pitch is a simplified Brand Page that includes pertinent information such as the Brand name, a short introductory message (or "pitch"), and up to four products for you to review. This should provide you with enough information to learn more or dismiss the Brand.
Of course, if more information is required, you can click through to the Brand's full profile, or get in touch, which we'll walk you through below.
So what do you do once you receive a Brand Pitch? This article will walk you through how to:
  1. Find and review your Brand Pitches.
  2. Contact the Brand, save or dismiss a pitch.
  3. Get proactive and start looking for Brands.

Finding and reviewing Brand Pitches 

Start by clicking the conversation icon at the top right on your navigation bar and selecting "Pitches".
This will take you to your Brand Pitch review page. If Brands have submitted to you, this is where their pitch will be. From there, you can choose to:
  1. Contact the Brand.
  2. Save them for later.
  3. Dismiss their pitch.

Contact the Brand

If you receive a pitch and are interested in carrying a Brand's product or learning more, that's great! Simply get in contact with the Brand to get started. You can do this by:
  1. Clicking on the 'Contact' button on their Brand card.
  2. Clicking on the 'Contact' button on their Brand Page, under their profile picture at the top, right.


Not sure what to say? Hubba provides you with three pre-populated messages to get you started. You'll notice a drop-down menu to the right of the button which will give you the option to:
  1. Get more information.
  2. Request a sample.
  3. Request a quote.
Clicking on any of these will open a messaging dialogue box with a pre-populated message to the owner of the Brand. Don't worry, you can still customize the message, adding in any other questions you like. This is your chance to get to know the Brand better and make the best purchasing decision for you and your customer, so keep it clear, concise, and to the point.

Save them for later

Don't have the time to deal with a Brand right this second? No worries, you can save and view the Brand later by:
  1. Clicking the 'Save' button (bookmark icon) right next to the 'Contact' button.
  2. Clicking the drop-down cursor next to your store name on the navigation bar and selecting 'Saved'.

Dismiss their pitch

If you find that the Brand pitching their product to you isn't the right fit, simply dismiss them by:
  1. Selecting 'Not interested in this pitch? Click here to dismiss it.' at the bottom right corner of the Brand card. 
The Brand will be able to review the status of their pitches, see that you've dismissed them, and are restricted from pitching to you again.

What to do if you don't have Brand Pitches

Don't have any Brand Pitches waiting for you? No worries! We're constantly working to recommend Brands to you. You can also get proactive and start looking for Brands or products yourself through Hubba's search engine.
Either way, you're in control of what Brands you do business with and which products find their way to your store shelves.
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