How to Become a Verified Buyer

Once you've gotten started on Hubba by creating a Buyer Page, you may notice, while browsing through Brands, that a product's wholesale pricing is blurred. That's because to view wholesale pricing and place orders on Hubba, you must become a verified Buyer.

In this article, we'll walk you through:

  1. How to become a verified Buyer.


How to become a verified Buyer

To qualify to become verified you must:

  1. Be based in the US. 
  2. Have an inventory-carrying, brick and mortar store or online store (unfortunately, no resellers, third-party sellers, or dropshippers are authorized to become verified and therefore cannot buy products on Hubba).
  3. Have a verified, active resale Tax ID.
  4. Be an authorized representative of the Buyer (retail store).

If that's you, then you should fill out a verification application. You can find this by selecting "Verification" to the right side of the navigation bar on your Buyer Page. There, you'll see a form which will provide us with:

  1. Your phone number.
  2. Your resale tax ID.
  3. A valid business address.



Once you're done, hit "Submit Information". Our team will be reviewing and verifying new Buyers each and every business day (so you should typically hear back within 24 hours). Once you're verified, you're ready to order.



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