Navigating the Buyer Homepage

Hubba uses a combination of real people and smart technology to connect high-quality Brands with Buyers like you. Thanks to our curated product lists found in your homepage, you’re sure to find products that are a perfect fit for your store!

How exactly does it work? In this article, we’ll walk you through how to:

  1. Navigate your homepage and view Hubba's collections

Navigate your homepage and view Hubba's collections

To view some of Hubba's collections, scroll down a bit further on your homepage. There, you’ll find:

Curated lists put together by the Hubba team. These are based on your overall industry (i.e. “Food and Beverage”), or trending product types in your industry (i.e. “Eco-friendly Foods”).

  1. Shop what's trending: Here you will find the most popular products. This section will help you to stay on top of what consumers want. 


  2. Popular Collections: Here is where we use the expertise of our team to put together curated and theme-based lists to facilitate your search process. 


  3. Stores like yours also carry: With the use of our technology, you'll be able to find what similar stores are purchasing. You'll be able to find products you might have never thought before for your store!


  4. Clicking on the Hubba Sign at the top of any page will lead you back to your home page where you can review all the collections mentioned before.  



 Once you've found a product or Brand you like, all that's left to do is get in touch or get shopping!

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