Creating Your Buyer Page

As a Buyer on Hubba, you first need to set up your Buyer Page.

It's incredibly important to have a complete Buyer Page. We use it to understand the types of Brands and products you're interested in, thus getting you better recommendations, and it allows Brands to learn more about your business.

This article will walk you through how to:

  1. Create your Buyer Page.

  2. Let others know what Brands and products you're interested in.

Creating your Buyer Page

The first step is to create your Buyer Page. 

  1. At the top of the page, select "My Store" on the navigation bar, then select "Manage Store" from the drop-down menu.

  2. From there, enter the name of your business. This will also create a unique URL for your Hubba page in the following format: 



Setting up your Buyer Page

You'll then be brought to the Buyer Page to complete your profile.

We use the information here to make recommendations. 

Complete your Buyer Page with as many details as possible. 

  1. Cover photo: This image looks best if it is high-resolution and much wider than it is tall. The recommended sizing is 1400 x 380 pixels.

  2. Logo: Click on the "Add Logo" box. This image looks best if it's square or circular, with a high resolution and white background. The recommended sizing is 420 x 420 pixels.

  3. Add Store Type: Select your primary sales channel and the store category that describes you best.

  4. Page headline: This should be quick and catchy (<140 characters). It's often the first piece of information Brands see when they come across your profile, so focus on the who your store serves and what Brands you're looking for.

  5. Your story: This is where you get to tell everyone who you are and what your business is all about. It can be as long as you like but we recommend 2 or 3 small paragraphs. 

  6. Social media profiles. 

  7. Location(s): If you have multiple, you can add all of them here.

  8. E-commerce details: Add your website if you have one.





Tell us what Brands and products you're looking to buy

The final step is to tell us what types of Brands and products you're interested in. We use this to tailor product recommendations so it is very important. 

  1. Mandatory Attributes: These are attributes that all products you're looking to source must have. For example, you may exclusively carry organic products.

  2. Preferred attributes: These are attributes that you'd prefer the products you source to have, but would be OK if they didn't have them. 

  3. Product categories: Select the product categories you carry. You can select multiple. 


And now you're ready to go! Once you've filled this out, the next step is to get verified so that you can start ordering!




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