Creating Your Brand Page

Your Brand Page is seen across the entire Hubba platform by other members. It's where you tell the unique story of your Brand and list the products you're selling on Hubba. Suffice it to say, it's important to put time and energy into it.

In this article, you'll learn how to:

  1. Create your Brand Page
  2. Edit your Brand Page
  3. Create your first product
  4. Add wholesale-related details
  5. Save drafts
  6. Change your Brand URL
  7. Delete your Brand 

Rather watch a video? We've created a handy, end-to-end guide on how to set up your Brand Page and get ready to accept orders here.

How to create your Brand Page

The first step is to create your Brand Page. 

Select your profile picture icon in the top right of the screen and click "My Profile". You'll be brought to the following screen: 

  1. Select "My Brand Cards".
  2. Scroll down and click the "Get Started" button.


Follow the step-by-step instructions for adding your Brand information and images.

  1. Add a Brand Headline. This should be quick and catchy (<140 characters) as it's often the first piece of information Buyers see when they come across your profile. 
  2. Add up to five lifestyle images. Square images are the most visually appealing when Buyers are looking at your profile.
  3. Click the "Upload Logo" box. This image looks best if it's square or circular, with a high resolution and white background. The recommended sizing is 420 x 420 pixels.
  4. Finally, add your Brand name.

Click "Save: at the bottom of the screen. 



You now have a Brand Page and can start adding essential details. You'll notice a number of tabs with labels like Story, Products, etc. We'll walk you through how to edit these sections.


Your Story

In this section, you'll add details that make your profile stand out to Buyers who visit your page because we've recommended you or they've found you via search. 

At the top of the page, you can add a cover photo. This image looks best if it's high-resolution and much wider than it is tall. The recommended sizing is 1400 x 380 pixels.

Make sure "Story" is highlighted and add the following:

  1. Edit the text that reads "About Us". Keep it concise - explain what sets your company apart, why consumers love your product and include anything else any future stockists should know, such certifications, social causes your Brand contributes to, etc.
  2. If you didn't add lifestyle images from earlier in this article, then you may do so here as well. 
  3. If you have a video that tells your story, add it here.




Add products

After clicking "Save" in the last section, you'll be directed to add your first product. Products are displayed along with your Brand information to Buyers.

You can always add more from the Products tab. We recommending adding all the products that you want to sell on Hubba. While you can create different case packs sizes for sale, we don't yet allow you to specify details like size or color, so if you have different assortments or varieties, you should add each option here. We are working on improving this. 

  1. Add your product name.
  2. Add a product description and MSRP. Try to keep it between two to five sentences. 
  3. Add product photos. Images with a white background or lifestyle shots are both OK here.Create_Your_Product_1.jpg
  4. Product categories are used by Buyers to filter for certain products. Start typing and a drop-down menu will appear to help you apply the right category.
  5. Finally, select all the product features that apply to your product.Create_Your_Product__2.jpg

When finished, click "Save".

Once you're done, you'll be left with a complete Brand page.Create_Your_Product3.jpg

 For more in-depth information on listing products on Hubba, click here.

Wholesale Details

From your Brand Page, under the Wholesale Details tab, you'll find more business-related information that Buyers may want to review before they decide to order from you. We also use this information to match you up with relevant Buyers. 

 To complete your Wholesale Details section, complete the following:

  1. Hover over "Business Details" and click Edit.
  2. Fill in the information required in the modal that appears.
  3. Repeat steps 1-2 for Wholesale Checklist, Distribution, and Social media.







Note: If you do not enforce the minimum order size, Buyers will be able to place an order with a quantity lower than your listed minimum on Hubba.


Your Wholesale Details page will look something like this:


Tip: Only the person who set up the Brand and added the products will be able to make changes to the Brand Page and products.




If you're adding a new product on your page and can't complete it at the moment, you can save it as a draft and revisit it later.

  1. At the bottom of the "Add a product" page, click the arrow to the right of the 'Save' button, then click "Save as draft" in the drop-down menu.


2. View your draft under the 'Drafts' button on your Brand Page.



How to change/delete your Brand URL

In the "Settings" section, you can add a custom URL. This allows you to share a more easily identifiable link to your Brand with Buyers outside of Hubba instead of a random number. You can also delete your Brand Page from here.

  1. From your Brand Page, click on the 'Settings' button.
  2. Click on your URL under "Change your Brand URL". Make any changes you would like to the URL - we suggest using your Brand name (special characters such as $, %, &, and others are not permitted).
  3. Click the 'Save' button that appears.


If you should choose to delete your Brand Page, you may also do this here by pressing "Delete Brand".

Now that you have a complete Brand Page, it'll be easier for Buyers to discover you on Hubba. All that's left for you to do is become verified so that they can order from you, too!


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