How do I get paid?

The payments for all of your orders will be deposited directly into the Bank Account you've provided under your "Order Checklist".

When a Buyer places an order, they have the option to pay upon goods being shipped or request Net-30 days. You can choose to fulfill their request or ask for the alternative.

Hubba then generates an earning statement and manages the collection of funds from the Buyer and deposits them into your bank account on the corresponding date. Please keep in mind that all payouts are realeased 7 calendar days (7 business days for first orders) after the Buyer's credit card has been charged (which happens immediately after a Brand inputs the tracking number into Hubba, or 30 days after, depending on the payment terms)

Hubba uses Stripe, a world-class payment service provider used by some of the biggest companies in the world, to process payments so you can be certain that your information is safe and secure.

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