How Hubba Can Be Used to Manage Your Wholesale Accounts

Tracking your wholesale accounts in one place has never been easier! The “Track Accounts” dashboard lets you track which of your wholesale accounts have signed up from Hubba, how they signed-up, their status, and how much of a bonus you will get paid for your referral.


Let’s take a deeper dive into this dashboard.

Name: This lets you track which of your referrals have successfully signed-up to Hubba. This is automatically updated any time a wholesale buyer signs up using your unique sign-up link.

Referred From: It’s nice to know where you met your wholesale buyers. Was this an existing relationship that signed-up using your unique sign-up link or did you meet them at a tradeshow and they signed-up using the Take Order Tool? The Referred From column gives you insight as to where your wholesale buyers are signing up from

Status: This column lets you track if your referred buyers have ordered from you and how much of a reward you will be earning for referring them. There are 4 possible statuses:

    1. Signed up: Your referred buyer has signed-up but has not yet placed an order with you
    2. Ordered: Your referred buyer has successfully placed an order with you, and you’ve accepted and fulfilled the order. Remember, your referred buyer will get $50 off their first order with you, on us!
    3. Approved: After your referred buyer places an order with you, our team will assess whether or not they qualify as an inventory carrying retailer (brick-and-mortar or online). If they qualify, the status will be changed to Approved and the referral reward you should expect will appear under the Reward column
    4. Rejected: Your referred buyer successfully places an order with you, but our team has determined that they are not an inventory carrying retailer or that they sell products on third-party marketplaces (e.g. Amazon, Ebay, etc.). In such a case, they are marked as Rejected and you do not qualify for a referral reward for that buyer. If you disagree with our assessment, please feel free to reach out to us at

Reward: This column lets you see how much in rewards you're receiving from each referred buyer.



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